This is the Legacy of dead prez.

dead prez Legacy website  is an Archive Gallery + Shop dedicated to sharing and celebrating the stories, artifacts, influences and inspirations that have impacted dead prez as well as the impact of dead prez in the Culture. Our mission is to continue to inspire awareness, activism, personal growth, community empowerment and social change for generations to come.



dead prez with Assata Shakur

dead prez with Assata Shakur Original Photo. Circa late 90’s.

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LET’S GET FREE Dead prez debut album. Feb 8, 2000  

Read more’s Locs’s Locs Grown wildstyle for 7 years and cut by scissors. Preserved since 2001.

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RBG: REVOLUTIONARY BUT GANGSTA dead prez sophomore album. MARCH 30TH 2004

Read more’s ASR -10’s ASR -10 The machine that stic used to produce “Hip Hop”, “Mind Sex”, “Hell Yeah” and many more dead prez classics. Original Floppy Disks with original sounds.  

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dead prez “red tape” Early 90’s.

dead prez “red tape” Early 90’s. Debut Promotional Cassette. Features “These are the Times”, “Happiness” and Food Clothes & Shelter.

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dead prez on Holton Street

dead prez on the corner of Holton Street. Old Southside Stomping Grounds. Tallahassee, Florida, Early 90’s.

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